Hey everyone!  Well, my Extra Life Journey officially ended this morning around 8:45am.  What an awesome time I had!  Now that big long blog and list of games I painstakingly sorted out and uploaded images of and the whole 9 yards?  Yeah I didn’t play most of those games.  In fact, I didn’t even turn the Wii ON!  The one game I really wanted to play was Dead Space but I didn’t get a chance to get around to it because of a game called Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.  I rented this game the night before at blockbuster and was not expecting it to be so great.  I also rented Guitar Hero 5 hoping that it WOULD be so great.  Guitar Hero 5 ended up being terrible and I played it for a whopping hour before I took it out of the Xbox and threw in Left 4 Dead after downloading the CRASH COURSE add-on.  I enjoyed it so much.  I was a little bummed that not a lot of people were playing it but then again it WAS only 9 or so in the morning.

I played around with it for a bit and decided to throw down on some Street Fighter IV.  I had a lot of fun playing cheap opponents who just sit around and throw HADOUKENS all day!  My girlfriend grew tired of watching SFIV so I threw in Little Big Planet and played that for a little while.  I was extremely annoyed by it because I finally got to play with 4 other Sackboys and it was just chaotic and the chaos caused me to die way too many times.  After everyone quit, I was on my own to take on the world again.  And it just didn’t work out.  I kept falling victim to obvious traps and it annoyed me so much I decided to quit.  I had played various other games but nothing too important before putting in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. 

I threw it in and started it up and immediately notice that the cinematics from the first game put this one to shame.  It looks really cheap.  So i start playing it anyway hoping the gameplay wasn’t worse too.  To my surprise I found an even BETTER game than the first one.  The story follows the Civil War comic storyline.  Super Power team ups are controlled this time instead of random.  The story is good, the action is great.  The boss battles are creative.  All in all, my girlfriend and I  played this pretty much until 11pm.  At which point I was extremely tired and worried I was going to be throwing in the towel at some point soon.  I went and grabbed a Rockstar and chugged it.  I decided I would try Final Fantasy 7 on the PSP.  As soon as I got into bed to play it though, I decided I should play World of Warcraft instead… The rest is history. 

Around 2am HALLOWEEN opened up on the servers.  Two weeks of halloween celebration.  I was excited.  It kept me interested and I kept on going to meet my 24 hours.  The final hour was tough.  I was in excruciating pain watching time slowly tick away.  I started to get antsy and totally lost sight of what I was doing and WHY I was doing it.  This wasn’t some endurance challenge.  It was for the children with cancer!  I shouldn’t be excited for it to be over!  So I kept playing and playing and lost track of time.  When I finally noticed the time, I’d been playing for almost an extra hour.  I logged out of the game and posted on the Extra Life boards to let my 1,800 other brothers in arms that I have completed my 24 hours for Extra Life.  And then I saw that in the middle of the night we had raised approx 137,000 dollars!!!!!!  The number is still climbing!  It brought tears to my eyes and I was on the verge of total sobbing!!!  Unbelievable that we raised that much!  That renewed my body and mind and now it’s 11am and I’m still up.  In fact, I’m kinda hungry.  In FACT, I feel like playing some more video games.  I’m not even sleepy so I may go to the movies today.  My Extra Life journey has ended, but it’s STILL going on!  Donations are being accepted until 10/31 so get on over and donate if you haven’t already 🙂  I had so much fun and I can’t wait until next year so I can save kids with Video Games again.  In the meantime, I’ll have to do it in more traditional ways.  Thanks so much for taking this journey with me.  It means a lot for me to share it with you.  We did it together.  And next year will be even more exciting and even bigger than this year was.  Join up with me, let’s start a team for 2010!!!