Extra Life is upon us once again!  For those of you who do not know what Extra Life is, let me put it quite simply: it’s a marathon.  But what kind of marathon?  A video game marathon!  24 hours of playing nothing but video games. Again, why would I play video games for 24 hours straight?  Because I want to help fight children’s cancer that’s why!  I’ll be playing a ton of games on October 17th to raise money for pediatric cancer treatment and research.  My goal is $192 but that’s just a personal goal, I hope I raise a ton more than that. It works like this, each person who sponsors me will help by donating $1 per hour.  1 Person = $24.  Of course, that person can donate more than $1 per hour but that is the minimum.  I’m extremely excited about helping fight cancer for children and have put up my tentative plans for saturday.  24 hours is a LOT of gaming!!! It’ll be a challenge but well worth it.  So once again I ask that you help me fight this battle because I cannot do it alone.  Some of you have pledged or donated and that’s amazingly awesome of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! 🙂 I could tell you how important this means to me and how children’s cancer and/or cancer in general has affect my recent life.  But we all know how awful cancer is and I know the majority of us has dealt with it on a personal level in some way.  We are all united in this opposition!  My personal website for donations is as follows


You can visit there and make a donation, sponsoring me in the fight and contributing to the hopeful eradication of pedatric cancer!  I believe the minimum donation is $24.  Remember that the marathon is on October 17th–THIS SATURDAY!!!  From 8am saturday morning to 8am sunday morning I will be in video game land saving kids!  Also, as a bonus I will be using twitter to “tweet” my updates so you can see what I’m playing and when throughout the 24 hours.  In a sense, you CAN take this journey with me by following me on twitter! 🙂  http://twitter.com/joeyorion is where you can go to follow me!

So what exactly WILL I be playing for these 24 hours?  I will be trying to complete some of these games I have had in my collection for a while that for various reasons, I have not finished.  I’ll try to finish each one this saturday.  It so worked out that I will be trying to play 4 diff games per system I have!  Let’s start with the Nintendo Wii.





Yeah!  Funny thing about this game is that I HAD to have it so bad!!!  And when I finally got it, I played it for a night, maybe two, and never touched it again.  I gotta finish this game.  It brings back so many memories!!!!  Time to dust it off and complete it!




My girlfriend got this for me for Christmas last year and I still haven’t beaten it.  I really REALLY enjoy this game.  The story is interesting.  You play as an assassin who is killing his way to be the number 1 ranked assassin in the world.  It’s a new twist and a very adult game for a “Kid system”.  I am excited to get my hands on this one again.




This little gem I got off of Playswitch.com, which is such an awesome game trading website!  I must admit that I was kind of disappointed with this game because it just doesn’t FEEL like a Mario game.  It’s kinda like Super Mario Bros 2… Part 2. If that makes any sense at all.  There are some quirky classic moments but overall it’s so different.  But once again, I feel compelled to complete this game because all of the twists in gameplay keep it fresh enough to enjoy even if it doesn’t really feel like a proper Mario title.



Ok!  This would probably be the last game on the Wii that I would play.  This one needs no introduction, just fighting game with a bunch of nintendo characters!  I am wanting to finish this super long mode and get a ton of trophies. 🙂


XBOX 360




Now I’m probably the last person on Earth to beat this game.  I have NOT beaten it yet 😮 But I probably will on saturday.  I really love the atmosphere and music of this game–it definitely adds to the creepiness.  I loaned this game out about a week after I bought it and never really played it since.  It’s back in my possession so I should finish it, right???




Once again, I may be the only person who didn’t finish this yet.  I can get lost so easily in this game.  It’s the type of RPG I’ve been dying for.  Even if I played this for the whole 24 hours, there’s no way I’d finish this game I’m sure.  But I plan on giving it a go and seeing what happens!  If you’ve never played this game, this is a MUST HAVE game for the XBox 360/PS3.




When I played the demo of this I was blown away with how simple the controls were but how deep this game appeared to be.  It felt a lot like Starcraft.  It had promise but ultimately I grew bored of it and even contemplated trading it in for other games.  I still haven’t beaten it however, and I think I should at least do that before getting rid of it for good.  One more chance, Halo Wars.. Don’t let me down.




This is another one that I HAD TO HAVE.  I mean, it’s a first person shooter filled with zombie survival… How can it get any better than that?!?!  I played this pretty heavily with friends and had SO much fun.  I know a lot of Extra Lifers are gonna be playing this during the marathon so I’m breaking it out to have some fun with everyone as well!  I am looking forward to playing this game with others again, it’s so great!






I don’t even own this game.  It belongs to my friend Jordan (who will be completing his Extra Life marathon on Sunday instead of Saturday).  I played the first chapter of this and was hooked.  I am determined to finish this game so I can give the game back lol.  This is a priority of saturday.  But I will be waiting until night to play it so it can be extra scary 🙂




When I bought this game, it was a total impulse buy.  I went to the store (Buy Back Games in Englewood, CO…had to plug them) and was looking around and saw it for 39 bucks.  That was a steal considering it was still 59 at Best Buy and everywhere else basically.  I loaded it up and it is like a Grand Theft Auto game but instead of guns you have electric powers?!  Sold!!  I haven’t played it in a while and the main reason I haven’t played a lot of these games will be coming up at the end.  But I really wanna finish this game and will dedicate a good chunk of time trying to complete this awesome game




I love this game!  I admit I got tired of it after a while.  But the zany music, cute character, and awesome level design has me itching to boot this one up again.  I may even get the Street Fighter costumes!  I am hoping a lot of people are playing this on Saturday, I wanna access those areas that need 2+ people to access them.  I’m a good way into it already so beating it is definitely an attainable goal. 




Wow!  We wind down my PS3 experience with my favorite game on well… any of my systems!  I love love LOVE this game and I’ll play it for a good amount of time.  I enjoy the online experience with this game.  I’ve beaten it with everyone and unlocked all the characters.  I need to complete some of the challenges but otherwise I’ll be doing this just for the multiplayer 🙂






I’m a sucker for anything Final Fantasy, ever since Final Fantasy 7.  I could write a 5,000 word blog just on that game.  But ever since, I’ve had a soft spot for Final Fantasy games.  When the movie Advent Children came out, there was a sudden surge of Final Fantasy 7 themed games and Crisis Core was the prequel game to Final Fantasy 7.  So naturally I had to own this.  I’ve gotten pretty far in this game and I love it so much.  I just stopped playing due to having a lot of other games or new games coming out.  It sucks and now I have a whole day to just catch up on it and hopefully get it done!




Oh wow, another FF game.  Who would’ve thought?  I got this game specifically because I get to play as my favorite characters from past Final Fantasy games.  I am going to beat this game for sure come Saturday.  I love it and it’s a fast paced game.  I love how it’s so similar to the past games but extremely different at the same time.  AND I set my “game time” to Saturdays so I’ll get more PP or XP or whatever lol




I got this game because I really never played any of the other GoW games and as I don’t really have a PS2 anymore (gave it to my dad so he could play Guitar Hero and Tiger Woods), and my PS3 isn’t backwards compatible with PS2 games.  But I DO have a PSP!  I got this and was instantly amazed by how awesome this title was and have even read/heard that it was better than the PS2 games.  I really enjoy a button smashing beat ’em up from time to time and this one does it so well and with a lot of style points!  It’s like Devil May Cry 4 but way more awesome




I have Rock Band 1 and 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, GH Metallica, man I have them all pretty much so what possessed me to buy this game?  Well, as many of you know, I play guitar every week (fridays) and I just love music so much and felt limited to playing Rock Band just in the living room.  I wanted to take it with me.  At first I was worried about how it would translate but after playing the short demo, I realized that it was actually pretty intuitive and extremely fun!  I’d like to finish the game’s tour mode.  I’m pretty far into it already so it won’t be a hard feat at all.  I just wish it had online play 😦

So the real reason I stopped playing a lot of these games is an evil evil game.  One that can easily take up the 24 hours with no problem, chew it up, spit it out, ask for more and smile the entire time…



YES! It’s no secret.  I’ve been addicted since it premiered almost 5 years ago.  I casually played it but in the past year, maybe 8 months or so.. It’s been pretty serious and easy to just lose myself in it.  Thus all my other games take a backseat to it.  But now I will use Extra Life to venture out and get some other stuff done.  🙂  Will I be playing it on Saturday?!  Oh of course!!!  But not for 24 hours and probably not for a HUGE chunk of time.


So there it is!  My Extra Life playlist!  But I’m sure others will creep in there.  A friend might call and want to play MADDEN 10 (which I love so much even if it does make me so mad!!!!) and Halo 3 multiplayer.  Fat Princess.  Some time with Final Fantasy 7.  Tekken 5?  All kinds of stuff!!!  I will play all that I can in the 24 hour period.  I need to keep going and keep playing.  When the sleepiness creeps in, I have to just keep remembering WHY I’m doing this.  It’s not an excuse or reason to play video games.  It’s for a purpose.  A Purpose that I believe so strongly in.  It’s time to get it done.  Cancer will one day be conquered and I am excited at idea that you and I were a part of that victory.  Let’s do this together, everyone. 


Playstation ID: Joeyorion

Xbox Live Gamertag: Joey Orion

World of Warcraft server: Destromath

Character name: Dachande

Hit me up In the games.  Play along!  Check in with me.  We’re in this together. 🙂

The official website for EXTRA LIFE is http://extralife.sarcasticgamer.com Information, a video, TONS of great stuff there to help you better understand why we’re all doing this.  This is the 2nd annual and a new tradition for me (and hopefully you too! 🙂 )